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Visiting Camp – Policies

By Chris Dunn on Thursday, March 15, 2012 at 12:01pm


  • NEW – Members, spouses, and adult guests must sign the liability Acknowledgement and Release form, before arriving in camp. The form may be mailed to Bill Clegg at 626 Ives Rd, Warwick RI 02818.
  • Members must notify the President or a member of the executive committee before visiting camp. Emailing Bill Clegg, and cc’ing Max is the preferred method. Look on the members list for email addresses or phone numbers.
  • Members will be charged $35 per day for each adult guest (over 16 years old) who isn’t an immediate family member (i.e. spouse, son or daughter). The online calendar will be used for computing club usage charges and should be keep accurate as changes occur. Guest charges do not apply to those participating in the two special event weekends: Link, Cast, and Blast in September, and Winter Weekend in February. However, during special events the organizing member may separately charge participants usage fees, at their discretion.
  • Members requesting a cabin other than the Double Cabin should check directly with the owner for availability.
  • When making a reservation, please include all information needed to complete an entry in the calendar. This means for each member visiting camp there should be
    • arrival and departure date
    • number of immediate family members
    • number of adult guests
    • number of child guests
    • list of cabins to be used during the stay in camp
    • note any variation in length of stay for members of the party (so that charges may be adjusted accordingly)
  • Members are responsible for cleaning cabins used during their stay. In particular, the main cabin must be completely cleaned prior to departure, and members may be assessed a fine if it’s not fully cleaned per the instructions found on the kitchen bulletin board.