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Hunting Safety

The Hollywood Club

Hunting Safety Policy

1. Always, treat your gun as if it is loaded.

2. When hunting, always have the safety on until ready to shoot. Always be sure of the target you would be shooting at and that the area behind your target is clear.

3. There are to be no loaded guns in camp at any time except when using the firing range. Guns are to be unloaded after using the firing range.

4. No gun is ever to be loaded while being transported in a car or truck.

5. Every hunter must have a current valid New York State license when hunting on Hollywood Club property.

6. Every hunter must follow and respect the New York State hunting laws, which among its provisions states that every hunter is entitled to shoot 1 buck per season only.

7. Every member and guest should read and be familiar with the green Hollywood Guide dated 1982. The Club hunting policies are very clearly spelled out, as are a number of common sense suggestions for a safe hunting experience while in Hollywood.

8. Members and their guests are to respect the boundaries of the sections that they sign out for. This is a fundamental part of maintaining and preserving our safety record. If a member and guest want to change their section, they are to go back into camp and make the change on the sign out board. They should notify other members in camp of the change so as to prevent any confusion as to their whereabouts.

9. All guns must be unloaded when entering the “NO FIRE” zone. This zone is a perimeter around the camp that extends approximately 150 yards in all directions from any cabin as per NY State law. There will be signs posted in the woods to mark the edges of the “NO FIRE” zone, and there will be maps posted in the Main Lodge and on the Hollywood website. The specific details of the “NO FIRE” zone are on the map that is included with this notice. No hunter should ever fire towards camp when they are anywhere near the perimeter of the “NO FIRE” zone.

10. All members and their guests must sign and return the Liability Waiver form before hunting on Club property.

The Hollywood Club

No Loaded Firearms Zone

All persons must observe the “No Loaded Firearms Zone” around camp. This area is defined as follows:

  • Begins on the east side of Clear Pond, adjacent to “Hollywood Rock”, and extends to meet the end of the Beaver Flats Road at the clearing of the old dump.
  • Follows the Beaver Flats Road until the intersection with the camp extension, then cuts across Beaver Flats to meet the Main Road at the intersection with the Potter Mountain Road.
  • Follows the Potter Mountain Road past the trail to the Lynch Cabin and up to the next landing, then cuts across to Clear Pond.

At no times should a hunter possess a loaded weapon while in sight of a cabin, and if while hunting an area (off trail) the hunter comes within sight of a cabin, they must unload immediately. The only exception to this zone is the use of the established target range, adjacent to Clear Pond.